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April 2013

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USUK, Hong Kong - Life from 1945 - 1997

Request Link: http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/22430.html?thread=96514974#t96514974
Status: unfilled

So Hong Kong fell to Japanese control during WWII. And it was really bad. Wikipedia will tell you more, but just know it was really bad. After the war the region was given back to the British Empire, where it stayed until 1997. The population surged and the colony became a successful modern urban area, in the midst of Shit Going Down in much of East Asia.

In Hetalia, I think England would have brought Hong Kong back home with him to shield him from the chaos of Asia at the time, and...things are different than when he left. For one, America is around now, and his presence makes England a lot happier than he was before the war (and therefore nicer). I just want to see what their life together was like, everything from Hong Kong dealing with honeymoon-phase!USUK to big moments in history and cultural movements. I'd prefer snippets from various events and decades, and I'm mostly looking for humor and fluff but serious moments (this was the Cold War after all) can be included.

Bonus: Bonding over the Beatles
Bonus 2: Other former colonies (Canada, Australia, etc.) treating him like a younger brother and taking him under their wing.
Bonus 3: general teenage broodiness.