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April 2013

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Index Directory of Pairings

Pairings are listed in alphabetical order for convenience. Unfilled requests are listed at the top of the category, filled requests at the bottom.


Any, Nation A
Drunken Master
Noncon, not being quiet
Hong Kong – Topping England or China
Taking advantage of drunk Hong Kong
Any/Hong Kong – Aphrodisiac
Any/Hong Kong – First time
Anyone/Hong Kong – Open request (filled)

America/Hong Kong
US Interests in Hong Kong

Canada/Hong Kong
Hong Kong – Virginity taken by an older colony (filled)

China/Hong Kong
Reunion, aphrodisiacs
Taking virginity
Baozi (filled)

England/Hong Kong
Hong Kong has a nightmare
Drunk!England chases Hong Kong around the house
Friends with Benefits
Shota maid
Fluff, cuteness
Crossdressing for a Party
Tea Kink
My Fair Lady crossover
Incest, Seduction
flirty!Hong Kong
The pink apron
Victoria Era Racism (filled)
Noncon, during a party (filled)
Training to be a Proper Gentleman (filled)
Forced Into America's Clothing (filled)
Molesting While Drunk (filled twice)
Storytelling (filled)
Rope fetish, bondage (filled)
Dressing up (filled)
Liking how he smells (filled)
Consensual sex, but still feeling guilty (filled)
Phone Sex (filled)

France/Hong Kong
Molesting While England is Unaware
France/Various - Seduction

Greece/Hong Kong
Soft Skin (filled)
Greece/Hong Kong – Encounter with a tentacle sheep (filled twice)

Hong Kong/America
Smut, in that order, probably

Hong Kong/Belarus
Open request
Mafia AU, breaking up a relationship-based alliance (filled)

Hong Kong/Belgium
Gakuen AU

Hong Kong/Canada
"Tour of the Country"
WWII, Battle of Hong Kong
First time, birthday sex
Hong Kong – Master of Disguise
Shota, forced on each other by Empire!England (filled)
Canada – Pregnant with Vancouver (filled)

Hong Kong/China
Sex while crossdressed
"Like, show me your penis, sensei."
Welcome Home (filled)
Fireworks (filled)

Hong Kong/England
In THAT Order
Role Reversal
Something sweet
Schoolgirl uniform
Fireworks (filled)
Goodbye sex(filled)
Against a wall (filled)
America trying to win England back (filled)
A safe place to sleep (filled)
Ensemble, HK->England – Jealousy, yandere!HK (filled)

Hong Kong/Iceland
Telling their families
Oblivious!Iceland, gakuen AU
Epically cuddly friendship
Secret Relationship
Getting To Know Each Other
First Time
Economic issues, doubt
Acting his age
Awkward Sex, Getting Caught
Highschool setting, unlikely friendship
Sex outdoors in a dangerous place
Having sex at school
Cause of Iceland's eruptions
fem!Hong Kong – Hidden kinks
Milkshake enema
(+Denmark/Norway) Mutual masturbation and voyeurism
Hong Kong easily wins Norway's approval
(+Japan) Doujinshi
Comfort about body
Open request (filled)
Obscure pairing drabbles (filled)
Handjob in the library (filled)
Desperation, wetting (filled)
First Time (filled)
First Valentine's Day (filled)
Asylum AU (filled)

Hong Kong/North Korea
Open request

Hong Kong/South Korea
Glasses kink
Non-magical nation bitten by a dragon (filled)

Hong Kong/Latvia
Sex with the lights off (filled)

Hong Kong/Liechtenstein
Not as innocent as she looks
Proposal and First time

Hong Kong/Macau
Drunken night and morning after
Cute couple

Hong Kong/Seychelles
"As the sun retires, our love will transpire, make love to me."
First time
Body-swapping (filled)
Fire and Water in love (filled)

Hong Kong/Taiwan
In the back of a car
Period kink
Cosplay party ends in smut
Grinding against a wall
fem!Hong Kong/male!Taiwan – My Sassy Girl crossover
Falling for the magician's apprentice
Taiwan's First Time (filled)
Getting caught (filled)
"Playing with each other" (filled)
Vampire AU, chance meeting (Open hetero prompt) (filled)
Smut (with plot?) (filled)
Spending Time Together (filled)
Voyeurism, then joining in (filled)
Wish-chu (comic) (filled twice)

Iceland/Hong Kong
Awkward first time
fem!HK is a tsundere
Duelling parents
Dinner with both families
Crossover with another Black/White pair

South Italy/Hong Kong
Trying to bust Hong Kong
Tsundere vs Kuudere cooking battle (filled)

Japan/Hong Kong
sadist!Japan, noncon, abuse during WWII
Uncle/Nephew Incest
Black!Japan – Physical/emotional abuse

South Korea/Hong Kong
Chest Groping
Getting him to show emotion
Disapproving parents
Vampire vs Priest
Genderswap!HK, doting/possessive!Korea
Breasts (filled)
Fluff (filled)

Macau/Hong Kong
(+China) Secret relationships and punishment (filled)

Netherlands/Hong Kong
Silent first date

Norway/Hong Kong
Brother's best friend

Russia/Hong Kong
Sunflower Seeds
Trying to become friends
Mafia, crossdressing (filled)

Switzerland/Hong Kong
Guardian Angel, wing kink (filled)

Hong Kong/other
Hong Kong/Flag – Strange love


Asian Famiry
Loving Taiwan
Family Brunch
Black!China as the Asia Hegemon
Mahjong Battle
China – Going to Hong Kong to become famous
Bonding Over WWII Troubles (filled)
China-Taiwan reunification (filled)

Commonwealth and co.
Human AU, England as a abusive foster parent
Practicing kissing
British colonies are yandere for England
Elemental training
Growing up together
The Talk (filled)
England - Horrible Parent (filled)
Children Again (filled)
Cookies (filled)

England, Hong Kong - Invoking Family Ties with the Italian mafia
Pacific Nations – Photoshoot
Ensemble – Dysfunctional family olympics
Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi crossover
Younger nations – Causing mischief
England – Losing Hong Kong and America
Hong Kong – Adding territory
Hong Kong, Kasuka – DRRR xover, interaction
Younger nations bond together
France, Italies, Hong Kong – Fashion show
Hong Kong, Taiwan, China – November 11th celebrations
England, Hong Kong – Formerly pirates, currently gentlemen
Hong Kong – Crying in the shower (filled twice)
Ensemble – Spirit familiars (filled)
Ensemble – Vampire AU (filled)
Hong Kong – Travel brochures (filled)
Hong Kong – Wearing a certain t-shirt (filled)
Hong Kong, China, England – Physical Imperfections (filled)
Meeting Anon (filled)

Non-Hong Kong pairings
Japan/England - Cockblock!Hong Kong
England/China – mpreg, fear of having Hong Kong taken away
Hong Kong – Looking like Greece and Japan's lovechild
England & China - Dealing With Hong Kong's Promiscuity
Iceland/Taiwan – Falling for best friend's sister
USUK, Hong Kong – Life from 1945 - 1997
USUK, HKUK - America trying to win England back (filled)
Spain/Romano - Mafia AU, Chased by the Asian Triad (filled)


America/England/Hong Kong - Blindfold Play
America/Hong Kong/England - Teaching Respect
China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam - Orgy
Hong Kong/Seychelles/Iceland – Threesome
Japan/Korea/young!Hong Kong – Japanese Occupation during WWII
Liechtenstein, Hong Kong, Latvia, Iceland – Teenage nations foursome
S.Korea/fem!HK/Iceland – Threesome and dp
Seychelles/Iceland/Hong Kong – Gakuen AU, persued by both
Greece/Netherlands/Hong Kong/Iceland – Learning from the more experienced
Turkey/Iceland/Hong Kong – In love with two
Korea/China/Hong Kong – Crossdressing, threesome
Iceland, Taiwan – Competing for Hong Kong's affections
S.Korea ->Hong Kong<- Iceland – Gakuen AU, fighting for affection
Commonwealth - OrgyParty for England's birthday (filled)
England/Japan/Hong Kong - Fight over Hong Kong (filled)
Korea->China<-Hong Kong – Trying to outdo each other (filled)
Hong Kong/Taiwan/Japan – AU, 1930's love triangle (filled)